Trauma Defusing

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Trauma defusing can be seen as “on-the-scene” trauma management that is aimed at stabilising the situation directly after a traumatic event took place. Other elements that could be present and associated with the defusing process are for instance supportive listening by the counsellor, the normalization of victim’s reactions as well as the teaching of recovery strategies to enable the victim to cope.

The defusing process is quite structured and is an effort by the counsellor to ensure the safety of the victim both on the psychological as well as physiological level.  The counsellor further assist the victim in addressing the facts, thoughts, feelings and physical symptoms that the victim might have.  This will enable the victim to externalize the trauma  and enable him/her to deal with the trauma as effective as possible.

Defusing could further assist with the decreasing of the intrusive impact of the traumatic event on the memory.  The counsellor can also provide the victim with information with regard to symptoms related to the trauma that he/she can expect.

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