Trauma Counselling

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Traumatic events are diverse and endless and could be crimes committed by a stranger, rape and sexual assault, domestic violence,  sexual abuse, suicide of a loved one, natural catastrophes, vehicular accidents,  combat and war and many others.  At the same time there are many disorders that are related to trauma such as Acute Stress Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, etc.  Trauma can be defined as when a person is exposed to an event which has an impact on his/her life situation which has the result that the person is not able to handle it with the normal coping abilities he or she has.

It is also important to note the importance of emotional  vulnerability of the person when he/she experiences trauma.  The factors that could have an impact on how the traumatic event will be perceived could be that the person has an inborn emotional sensitivity or the person might have a biological predisposition for psychiatric disorders.   The role of early adverse life events as well as the sensitization that previous traumas had on him/her might also play a role.  Trauma can also be seen as a situation a person experience, or witnesses or are confronted with that is perceived as death threatening, or that it can causes serious injury or even a threat to the physical integrity of the self or other people.  There is also a feeling of intense fear, horror and helplessness involved.

In South Africa trauma is part of our everyday life and when we do not deal with trauma in an appropriate way by means of counselling, remnants of the trauma can play havoc in our lives for many years to come.

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