Trauma Debriefing

On August 12, 2011, in Trauma Debriefing, by admin

Debriefing is a  counselling practice that usually takes place between 24-72 hours after exposure to a traumatic event.  During trauma debriefing the victim’s thoughts and emotions about the traumatic incident are verbalised.

It is a well known fact  that trauma debriefing has proven to be effective in dealing with symptoms of traumatization and in preventing the onset of full-blown PTSD.  During a trauma debriefing session a client’s thoughts and emotions about the traumatic incident are verbalised.  The counsellor also deals with the potential “triggers” that might cause the client to re-experience the traumatic incident.  The client is also made aware of the fact that the symptoms of traumatization he/she is experiencing are normal for after been exposed to such a traumatic incident and that there is nothing wrong with him/her since this is common after such an incident took place.

Essentially debriefing does two things – it gives the person an opportunity to discover the triggers  of the traumatic event and it gives the counsellor a chance to teach the client some coping skills

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