Bereavement Counselling

On August 12, 2011, in Bereavement Counselling, by admin

When people experience the death of a loved one they usually go through a lengthy process as it is very difficult to reconcile oneself with the enormous loss of a loved one.   This is the reason why bereavement counselling is usually a longer term process in which the counsellor support the family members when they go through the different stages of the grieving process.

The counsellor can assist the family members to cope as efficiently as possible with the intense loss of the loved one.   The counsellor furthermore can also assist the family with regard to spiritual issues as well as supporting them through  the processes that could also include “firsts” such as birthdays, Christmas, etc.

It is furthermore important that bereaved family members acknowledge there loss by mourning and express their sadness and here also the counsellor can play a very important role as this is part of the healing process.

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