By using the narrative approach the person or family can be assisted  to find a different solution to whatever trauma or life changing experience they are facing.  It is important to understand from the narrative counselling approach that the person or family is not the problem.  By this counselling approach the counsellor endeavour to improve the person/family’s insight and understanding of their problem and assist the family in making realistic choices.

The counsellor can assist the person/family in the understanding and telling of their own life story in a better way.  To unravel the plot of their story and to assist the person or family to identify and decide on a new and unique outcome of their story to enable them to develop it into a new more positive story.  Furthermore the counsellor can help the person/family to change the devastating effect that the trauma had on their life story into a growth directed outcome.  Through the narrative approach the family can be encouraged to externalize their problems to enable them to solve them.  To furthermore separate the person/family from the problem or trauma so that the resources of the family can be constructively addressed.

With the narrative counselling approach the counsellor can also assist the person/family in finding meaning and purpose in their life (this can be a longer term outcome) which is part of Victor Frankl’s logotherapy.

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